On July 8th, Angelababy, Zhou Dongyu, Chen He and others company Taiyang Chuanhe's newcomer actor label "Taiyang Star" officially announced seven newcomers debut. It is reported that seven people have been retired from the company's training before, and they have come to the fore. The seven newcomers are Chen Tianming, Qiuqiu, Hu Linxi, Lei Yuxiang, Ye Shengjia, Zhao Xiaoyu and Zhou Zhengjie. They have different values and are talented. In the future, they are expected to compete for small flowers and fresh meat.


Chen Tianming, who is good at popping and basketball, has been recognized by the teacher many times during the training, and was called the young version of "Xia Yu" teacher by the teacher. He has cooperated with Tencent's Penguin FM to show superior voice-over power across the border. It also showed extraordinary fashion expression, and worked with fashion Basha and Jiaren to shoot visual blockbusters. A young boy, model body, unlimited possibilities!


Qiuqiu, graduated from the Beijing Film Academy, and participated in many classics of Beijing folk art. Participated in Tencent's "Qing Meng Project" cooperation, and participated in the supervision of Chen Jiashang, the director of Luo Yiwei's work《秋寒江南》played the female No. 1, the performance is unquestionable. Looks sweet and pleasing, full of aura, looks like "Tan Songyun", quite the temperament of the next sister in the idol drama.


Hu Linxi, graduated from Nanjing Art College. Excellent talents, cooperating with Ou Hao and Li Meng in the filming of Cao Baoping《鋌而走險》. Participated in the director Mao Yuyu's online drama《一寸相思》, starring in the annual magic movie《真假美猴王》. She looks cool and delicate, unique and advanced, can be sweet and salty, and has a strong shaping ability.


With solid professional basic skills, look forward to the wonderful interpretation of the future!


xxYe Shengjia is good at sprinting, swimming, fitness and fighting. As a well-known IP man-made work《18不限》male master, also cooperated with Tencent Animation cross-border, served as the《重生只為追影帝》chief recommendation. Appreciable, clean and literary, good at sports, and contrasting, will surely win the love of a large group of fans.


Zhao Xiaoyu, graduated from the Beijing Dance Academy, starred in《北京女子圖鑒》,《青春警事》and《最優的我們》. Although he is a newcomer to the 95s, he has tried many times to challenge himself on the screen. Coupled with the good looks of the atmosphere, the arrogant and arrogant temperament, the future development is worth looking forward to!


Zhou Zhengjie, an undergraduate at the 18th level of the Central Academy of Drama, is studying at the same class as Yi Qian’s classmates. Good at sprinting, martial arts, fighting, basketball and fitness, board hair style, hard air. Cooperating with first-line actors to participate in the Golden Horse Award-winning director's work to be broadcast, attended the Dream Visit event of Li Yifeng and Gentle Monster's art space, which is stylish and worth looking forward to!


As a newcomer to the entertainment industry, Taiyang Stars will have unlimited possibilities in the future. Taiyang Chuanhe Company will also promote the joint promotion of multiple platforms, provide comprehensive planning for seven newcomers, provide multi-line development, and strong follow-up resource support. It is sure to send a batch of powerful and valuable fresh colors for the entertainment industry. blood! I hope that the seven newcomers will continue to enrich themselves, deliver fresh blood to the entertainment industry, and interpret more valuable works!